Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Attack!!

Last night me & my floormates celebrate the january babies..
There are 5 girls(Matun, Atikah, Awa, Fati & Meza) celebrated their birhtday togather.
They all become 22yrs old except Awa who is 21 bcoz she was born in 1988(like me)
...PTS student.
Here are a bit of our monthly birhtday ritual:
1. We sing birhtday song & crash into the birthday girl's room.
2.Then,We become model of the night....take loads of picture with the cake
4. Birhtday girl cut the cake & we eat them.
5.The Most Awaited Ritual: Asking Killer Questions...we can ask any question we want from the
birhtday girl and she have to answer it..the secret will be keep by the members in the room.(we do this while eating the ice cream & chips...junk food)
P/s: Usually this last for two hours...usually we make a lot of noise(this is normal when 12 girls get togather(",)
Advantage: It does make us more closer..Plus, we get the chance to dig each other's secret ..hehe


Nurul Amiza said...

ahlan wasahlan ya aisyah..^^,
mari kita meramaikan Doktor-Penulis

tahniah aisyah..sye pun still tak istiqamah lg meng-update blog..

p/s-birthday sye belum smpai lagiey..huhu..trpakse celebrate awl.

Irsya said...

salam..kak aishah...anis add akak on my list.. peace..have a nice day

Lutfi Fadil said...

yay, i bcame d first follower of ur blog!...anyway, welcome to blogspot, i bet ur blog title is inspired by Jason Mraz's pny song kn? hehe...come follow my blog 2!

nur_aishah said...

To Nurul Amiza:
Huhu..kesian awak,takpe..ktaorg yg study group ni gerenti akan celebrate after birthday awk..terima kasih keats komen yg membina itu..(",)

To Irsya:
TQ Irsya..still main violin lg??
will add you too..

To Lutfi Fadil:
Congrats for becoming my first follower..keep on reading & drop in comments.Thank you for the warmth welcome (",)