Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mengintai mutiara di lautan ujian

For my first homecoming entry,I would like to share what I got during a very intresting ceramah I attended 2 months ago by Ustaz Darlis Fajar.

It relates with the student life I’m living right now.However, I think, it can be applied also in the future because ‘man is a life long learner’. Everyday we may learn new things from the environment and people.A simple example is like learning the new direction to a place. Isn’t it a new knowledge and you gain it through a learning process from someone who knows the way??

So, here are the summary of what I got;

  1. The best way to lead a Student life is a balanced life that fills with academic, religious and extracurricular activities (i.e: sport, clubs or student board)
  2. Mindset on life: Qada’ & Qadar
  • always ready to faced the challenge because Allah always test us whether we realize about it or not( refer to surah Al-Ankabut below,ayyat1-4).
  1. Alif Lam Min
  2. Apakah manusia mengira bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan hanya dengan mengatakan, “Kami telah beriman,” dan mereka tidak diuji?
  3. Dan sesungguhnya kami telah menguji oran-orang sebelum mereka, maka Allah pasti mengatahui orang-orang yang dusta
  4. Ataukah orang-orang yang mengerjakan kejahatan itu mengira bahawa mereka akan luput dari (azab) kami?

Sangatlah buruk apa yang mereka tetapkan itu!

  • there’s a solution in every hardship (refer to surah Al-insyirah,verse 94)
  • always ask from Allah whatever you desire with doa and prayer
  • Leave your selfishness and ego behind!!

  1. Repeating as learning; Allah actually set us an example by making al-Quran repeat the same stories in a few of it surahs…Why Allah do this? This is because repeating can make us understand it more clearly and memorize it easier.
  2. Monkey see, monkey do;

It doesn’t mean you have to be a monkey…hehe..the message is you repeat the positive things you see or observe. Allah give us ‘akal’ to differentiate good and bad. Thus, that makes the difference between human and monkey.

  1. Believe that Success will always be yours.
  2. Just Go with the Flow….follow your own destiny wisely.
  3. Try to get out from the ‘resting zone’.Make the effot to be better.
  4. DO IT!! Doa,Usaha,Ikhlas,Tawwakal….i like this mnemonic. I make it as my motto..hehe

Actually the message he tries to convey was something that is logic and the best part of it, he relates it with our beloved holy Al-Quran.


hana said...

Salam Aishah.
I think the title suppose to be mengintai,not menguntai.

Repeating is learning!I's somekind of habituation.

gudluck Aishah with your new blog.
Lets the pen speak!

opps ..should i say the words?

nur_aishah said...

To Hana:
Thank you for the correction..
I like the ceramah a lot.I'm Glad that we all attend it.
Keep on supporting my blog..hehe