Monday, January 26, 2009

A promise...

Guess what is my latest experiment...

It was a promise to my study/discussion group members to make a 'bubur chacha' for them.Usually i like to make bubur pulut hitam(my favourite)
I can't find the chacha in bandung, so my mum taught me how to make it..just use the wheat flour,a bit of salt,colouring(white,green or red)and water.Cook it first in a boiled water.Sign of a cooked chacha: it will float.

Other ingredients are like other bubur : water, sugar(brown & white),salt, coconut milk, daun pandan..

in dis Bubur chacha i add in some banana.Something unexpected happen bcoz of the banana.It makes the color turn a little bit dark.The banana also a bit 'kelat'. Is it bcoz of the getah??hoho...

Anyway..the bubur chacha turn out to be ok & i gladly serve it to my friends.

Thanks for becoming my experimental subject.hehe

The scientist,


Lutfi Fadil said... sedap je! I'd be glad 2 b ur xperiment subject next time~hehe

hana said...

Salam aishah..
Thank you for your breakfast!
It's delicious..

next time bisa dibikin lagi..huhu

nur_aishah said...

To Lutfi:
Hoho..a volunteered experimental subject..Ok,i'll consider it. Don't blame me u get any side effects.LOL (",)

To Hana:
ANi,gembira dpt masak utk korg..
Tapi morphology dia kureng sikit.
Mungkin terlbh pisang kot..hehe

Insyaallh there will be next time
(bila rasa teringin nak makan la..)

Hanisa said...

Salam. Sonok dapat mkn same2. Tapi tuan yang masaknye puasa lak. huhu..nway thank u beri much aishah..len kali wat lagi ye..saberaha bu??..hikhik.

nur_aishah said...

to hanisa:
dh plan nak pose senin..
xpe next time sy xpose makan puas2 dgn korg sume...
saberaha??gratis dong..

nantikan 2nd project k...hehe
P/s:korg xnak prepare something plak ke..yg pasti time aishah adala..hoho

tautanhati said...

what if u change ur subject for each experiment. (emm...experiment which involve food.)
i m willing to HELP u. kui2.

p/s: len kali hntr kt group3 eh.