Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting bussier in Year 4..


My year 4 starts with a lot of activities & commitments as a committee in Student society here (Welfare Exco). I did try to reduced my extra curicular activities by restraining myself from taking responsiblities. The reason is, I don't want to damage myself or breaking people's trust with bad quality of performance.Learning to say NO to certain things you desire but unable to cope is IMPORTANT! However, i can't stop myself from joining activites as participants..hehe

Today, I met my SSM supervisor a cardiothoracic surgeon with my other group members. We discuss on our research topic with literature review we have gathered beforehand. The topic is the relationship of left main stem coronary artery with carotid stenosis.Its gonna be BIG and I like it!

We will have to go to Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) to collect data for 6 months with the manpower of 5 people.I don't mind the extra work because our research will have the significance in managing peolpe with heart disease due to left main stem artery stenosis in Malaysia setting.

We will have SSM scientific presentation of our research next year.It is also a competition as the best presentation will present their research in a conference between 3 countries (Malaysia.Indonesia & Brunei). To gain some experience, I will join the 2nd SSM scientific presentation by our final year(year 5) next week.I did join the 1st Malaysian International Medical Conference(MIMSC) last yr and 2nd MIMS at UM last week and gets an overview of what research & research presentation really is.

With 2nd MIMSC ended, I already end my term as Society of Malaysian Medical Accociation-MedicalStudents (SMMAMS) committee member. However, i did not finish my responsibility for SMMAMS yet. There is CME for Malaysian Medical students, a program under me as Director at UKMMC on July 10th.there will be 30 participant from ten medical schools.Hopefully it will become a success like the 2nd MIMSC last week.

Society of Malaysian Medical Accociation-Medical Students (SMMAMS) committee members,2009/2010 session ( what a great team!)

from left: Melvin(UM),Kar Yee(UM),Justin(IMU),Thanesh(PMC),Aishah(UKM),Syazwani(USIM) & Benjamin (UM).

My cycle of posting in Year 4 is quite similar to Year 3 because the 2 heavy & considered tough postings are in my 1st semester. In year 3 I started my semester I with Surgery and O&G while this year I have Ortho & Paediatric in my 1st semster.LAst yr I also manage a big event in my 1 st semester (World health day as vice-director).

This year,the same cycle goes. I will manage Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Medical Students-national level, as the director.Hopefully with the experience of fortunate survival last year, I can improve myself to be better this year regardless the extra responsibility I willing to take.Insyallah!

Excited faces before entering a posterior instrumentation and fusion on congenital scoliosis arthrogryphosis patient under Spine Team

Year 4 is indeed a busier year compare to year 3. We have extra postings & assignments to be cover despite our four major postings:

1. 4 major postings:Orthopaedic, Paediatric,Triad-Ophtal,ENT,Anaes and Psychiatry.
2. Special Study Modul(SSM): need to do research in a group of 5 ppl.
3. Forensic: need to observed 10 autopsy and assist 2 autopsies

* extra things for us Twinning UKM-UNPAD students is our Pengurusan Masa(TIme management) class (university subject) on saturday. THis class is a compulsory,that we have to take in order to graduate.

Orthopaedic & Traumatology is indeed an intresting field of surgery.Its mainly about muscle & bones of your body.It consist of 8 teams: Athroplasty, Spine, Rehab, Trauma, Oncology-ortho, Paediatric-ortho,Hands & Sports.During waiting for my SPM result to come out (2005), I did an attachment at Gleneagles Hospital.I met a Rehab-Ortho specialist that introduced me to bed sores. Little did i know about bed sores until I enter medical school. However, the exposure that I got from the doctor somehow making me intrested and motivated to be in Medical field. I did consider taking intrest in Rehab.But, I will decide after completing my undergrad.

The good thing in Ortho rotation is we get to experience various teams each week during our 8weeks posting at UKMMC,cheras. There are 4 wards as our 'libraries' and one ward for ortho-paeds, with 26 bed per ward as our 'books'.We learn through understanding the patient's problems.Ortho also means a lot of revision of ANATOMY!! Now i know the importance of unnderstanding anatomy in details.

an x-ray film of Galeazzi fracture...a case for my traumatology case write up(case studies that we have to write from history taking until management including personal thoughts on it)

extra info: According to E-medicine article published in February 11th, 2010: ‘Galeazzi Fracture is an injury pattern involving a radial shaft fracture with associated dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ); the injury disrupts the forearm axis joint’
In laymans' term: its a fracture of bone at your forearm, specifically at lower third of your forearm that also affect your wrist.

with the complex medical term above, I rest my case!

Thanks for reading my CURHAT (Curahan Hati). I don't mind getting busy if its for the benefit of others.

Life is to SHORT to be EASILY taken. Thus,making everyday BENEFICIAL becomes MEANINGFUL!

Wasalam (",)

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