Monday, May 31, 2010

Extra lesson at Operation Theater (OT)


Entering Operation Theater(OT) room is our routine in certain postings. I had this experience in previous postings ( Surgery and O&G). However, today it is quite different with the rest of my experiences in OT room. We received tazkirah, philosopy insight and teaching by Mr Halim, an Ortho-Paediatric specialist of UKMMC. We cover a lot of topics today and as adult self directed learner, we had to revise Apley's(our ortho book) to learn more rather than spoon feed by our lecturers.
Extra things we learn besides orthopaedic are :

1. We get to use to mp3 player playing music in OT room to make working environment less intense. Sometimes they even put al-Quran recital which make the surrounding calm & soothing. I even encounter an OT room where the registrar from middle east recite alquran that he bought during a sugery of a muslim man during my surgical posting.

Mr Halim inform us that its better to play Al-Quran recital than other songs. It makes people talk less inside the OT (to respect the recital) and less tense. Besides, we don't frequently recite al-Quran therefore, why not we listen more.
2. He did mention about prayers that doctors usually always try to fullfill during their busy day. Never leave your prayers,he said.DUring Friday prayers, he advise us the girls to help the Muslim male doctors in covering them during the prayers. It is a win-win situation coz they have to cover female doctors during maternal leave. Have to agree with that!

3. It is also important for us students to be change our attitude and become adult learner. We all are given the freedom of choice in choosing how we want to learn and become the doctor who saves people. It is quite related to a forum done just a few days ago for our juniors during their orientation before entering clinical world.

Malaysian education system is so used to spoon-feeding in giving education since kindergaten and suddenly, during university they want us to be matured with self-directed learning. The adjustment have to be made and the mind set have to change into a better insight. We are already adults and given the freedom of choice on how to learn without being told. We have to be proactive in the sense of seeking knowledge.
We cannot wait the lecturers to give silver spoon-feeding or attach a ryles tube to channel the knowledge to us. Knowledge is at the tips of your finger. There are internet to be the source of knowledge if books is a burden for you. There are friends that we can form a group and study togather for better understanding.

4. Never talk or give information about something you are not sure. Rather say that you don't know rather than not sure about what you trying to convey. People tends to hold to what we say. For example when we give the possible diagnosis to a patient saying that the patient might has cancer but it can be possible an infection. The patient will prefer to hold to the better progosis one which is cancer as the diagnosis. We are humans. We do prefer the good things rather than the bad one. So, we might give them false hope(s)!
5. Our priority is as a STUDENT! Do not involve with things that can jeoparadise your study and future. Be a student who do his/her part as a student-study adequately and follow the flow. Adjustment to the situation is important!
Actually this is his comment on some issues faced by our medical students' society,PERSIAP(we are a NATURAL organization!!) being the blacksheep of the university family due to student's & university political issues..He gave his point of views base on his exprience as student leader during his time. From his concern of PERSIAP, I think he was probably one of PERSIAP committee...hehe

We have to seek knowledge, don't wait for it to come!

Tips in becoming have to have:
Eyes like an eagle,Heart like a lion, Hands like a lady,



mYshah said...

my eyes are so small, i cant see my heart, n my hand... erm, cant say it's lady-like (>.<) however being an orthopaedic surgeon still one fo my interests right now, and it is an awesome posting. try to grab as much as u could while u're at it Aishah, coz there'll no more orthopaedics posting in final year. best of luck!study hard , pray hard and then tawakkaltualAllah.

nur_aishah said...

thanks Abg Shah..

will hold on to ur advice (",)
All da best to you doctor! May u get to fulfill ur dream as an Orthopaedic surgeon...

Some arabic word i learned from future medical students of Mansoura, Egypt.
'Biltaufiq wannajub'-Good luck

FaDhLi said...

mr halim ni yang poaeds-ortho tu ek? dulu dia blaja kat usm, bukan dia bukan persiap..apapun, dia kenal aku sbb kene buat program kat pwtc sama2...

nur_aishah said...

la..yeker..haha..ak igt dia UKM sbb mcm ambil berat je.

apapun, tadi pun dpt briefing lbh kurang sama cuma lg panjang time seminar back pain dgn Dr Azmi (yg ni confirm UKM)..agak strict sbb ktaorg kena repeat seminar tu sbb slides di reject & lack of preparation. dia borak byk benda dgn kita korang as our ex-senior :)