Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Sunshine award to fellow bloggers (",)


"The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world."

This is something nice to do to other people telling how much I appreciate their blog. I was actually given the same award by a Twinning UKM-UNPAD junior(Asmayanti) I met less than an hour during her orientation at UKMMC before going to Bandung in 2009. Giving is rewarding :)

This is what she write about me:

7. LIFE: WONDERFUL AND MEANINGFUL. A blog of Kak Aishah. My super senior, the first generation of TWP UKM-UNPAD. First met her at PPUKM during the registration. A cheerful and cute girl I must say. Love to read her entries about experiences in clicinal year. Thanks akak, you make it sound so fun! Do accept this award from me. :)

I would like to award a few of my blogger friends that most of them I know outside the blogger life. This is not ordinal and hopefully it does makes your life shine as bright as the sun and motivates you to write more (",)

1. aku yang sedang belajar by Madziani aka Ani, my TWP UKM-UNPAD friend and my ex study group mate at UNPAD who always love to write intresting stories about her life. Some may sound sad but at the end you'll find the intresting part of it. Likes to write sajak.

2. Secebis kehidupan by Nur Hanisah, my TWP UKM-UNPAD friend and also my ex study group mate at UNPAD who like to share info about medical,life and some motivation. Like to write sajak too!

3.Coffee-Talk by Lutfi Fadil, my TWP UKM-UNPAD junior(responsible in persuading him to take this program),ex-KMPK 2005/2006 mate(even though i when there for 1 half month)and my friend who never skip his coffee drink since school. Also coffee fanatic & addict(u can relate that to his blog title)haha.Anyway,his writing is intresting that makes you open your eyes and think. Maybe its the effect from the coffee..yeke?? Nice insight too!!

4. A little reminder by Jazli Aziz, my high-school (SMKBB) friend now a final year at UIA Kuantan that likes to write about Islamic views on various things that we youngsters ought to know. He had nice point of views and intresting topic on his post.

5. Ini Amad Pesan by Ahmad Fahmi aka Dr Amad, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung who likes to share his views on a lot of matters relate to Islam that I consider as my online usrah..Always love the input that also fills with colors. Nice to read eventhough its long.Like to see intresting pictures inside it too!

6. Ana Solehah by Kak Aimi, my senior at UNPAD Bandung who like to write short(less wordy) but meaningful stories about her clinical life at UNPAD Bandung.It gives me some idea about how our seniors encounter clinical years (KOAS) at Bandung since I do my clinical at UKMMC. Anyway, I like her thoughts & pint of view of thins she sees in life.Thanks kak (",)

7. Penjejak FIhyatul Kahfi by Ahmad Zulfahmi, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung and also my ex-bos when I was Exco of Student society at Bandung.He likes to share some ideas on things happening around us and also his life that have relation to Islamic views on it. Like his insight on his stories.Another online Usrah..hehe

8.Ain Musa by Ain Musa,my batch mate at UKM Malaysia. She is pettite',cute and funny. I will always find her post to be funny and cute. The writing is very creative and this girl really have the talent to make people laugh by reading her entries..keep it up girl (",)

9.Fadhli16288 by Mohd Fadhli, my UKM Malaysia senior, 'cikgu' and friend who helps me fit in into academic system and organisation field in UKM. He was the YDP of our Medical students' society and writes mostly about his opinion on our medical students' society, UKMMC, his life and also some public issues. Suprisingly i found it informative..hehe.

10.Dr Radzi's weblog by Radzi, my batch mate at UNPAD Bandung who likes to write about life and Islam..Indeed another online usrah!! He likes to share his opinions on things happens in life that we can reflect to ourselves and try to be better.

11. Hikmah Kembara by Nur Faiz, a blogger friend from Mut'ah, Jordan.She likes to fills her blog with 'pantun' that I found intresting and creative.

12. Medical PBL UKM by a group of final years (UKM Medical students batch 2006). It is a very informative and usefull blog created by students that is very benificial to us,especially to UKMMC medical students.Lecture notes, list of books, past year questions and informations on medical postings can be found in this blog. Manage to get the idea of clinical year postings of UKM from this blog.I learn about this blog before I winish my pre-clinical at UNPAD,Bandung. FOund it useful.Good job to the admin!

Actually, there are other blogs that I like to 'hop in' and be faithful silent reader. they all are in my blog list..

For these 12 bloggers, please claim your award and...

i. Nominate 12 more bloggers.
ii. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.
iii. Link the nominees within your post.
iv. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their respective blogs.
v. Share the love and link to the person from whom you have received the award.

I know it's a hassle, but wouldn't it be nice to share this and bring smile to others?

Wasalam (",)


Asmayanti said...

slm kak Aishah~
yay, dah claim :D
Nice one, gotta spread the sunshine eh? ;)

nur_aishah said...

Salam Asma,

YEs..gotta spread da sunshine:)Thanks for it!

Anyway, happy birthday. Have a nice experience studying in Bandung. I definitely miss my moments der.

I will meet our 2010 TWP junior in July during their orientation at UKMMC.Just like u guys (",)

Hanisa said...

Thanx aishah

you are so sweet :)

dr.radzi said...

tq cik aishah.=)

cakap pasal sunshine, kitorang (saya,gapo,amad fahmi n CGC)nak gi tgk sunrise kat Bromo ni,nak ikut?


nur_aishah said...

To Hanisa,

please don't eat me..hehe..u r much more sweeter (",)

-gotta spread da sunshine!-

To dr. Radzi, nak menimbulkan ke'jelousan' disini.
satu-satunya tmpat yg sy nak pergi tp tak sempat masa di Indo..

Apapun.krm slm yg lain.selamat menikmati Sunrise di Bromo.sila amek gmbr byk2 letak dlm blog....nak ikut!!!sob..sob

Dr Amad said...

Ada nama saya disitu...hihihihi. Thank you sudi membaca blog merapu tu... =)