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Elective Posting with special kids (",)


During end of year 3 holiday, I am required to do an elective posting that is preferably more to community work rather than anything to do with medical. It is a must for medical students of UKM to fulfill this requirement before graduate.

My mum prefers me to spend most of my holidays at home.Therefore, I choose a place near my house & only do a half day work.Therefore, I choose volunteering at Kelas khas(Special need class). In Malaysia, we have 'Kelas Khas' at normal government schools to let them be in the society and not feel left out. I'm fortunate to have Puan Azizah,Penolong Kanan 1 of SK Bukit Beruang,Melaka as my neighbour who kindly give me the ride to school every morning.

At first, Puan Aishah the coordinator(yes, we share the same name..hehe) doesn't know what kind of work to give me. They never receive medical student for an attacthment before. The pogram just entering it's 2nd year at the school. They only receives their first elective teacher a week earlier than my application. I did variety of things : entering students data,entertain them, decorating the class, teaching & managing the childrens(including make them wash their hands before they eat).

Bulliying the kids or being bullied by the kids..huhu..


The 'Kelas Khas' consists of 20 children devided into 3 classes based on their IQ : Pintar(low), Bestari(moderate) and Arif(good). They have four teachers with one coordinator. They are having shortage of teachers since I was told that the teacher to student's ratio should be 1:4.

How the children was detected and advised to enter the school??
Some of them was detected by parents earlier who later seek advice from the doctor. However most of them gets recomendation from their teacher/school to do check up at the nearest Policlinic. They will be screened by the doctor that decides weather the child have learning disorder or not.If they have certain disorder, they will be advised for further management and registered under OKU (orang kurang upaya-disable people). These children will recives RM3OO per month(if i'm not mistaken) from government.

Not all children with learning difficulties are considered as OKU and send to 'Kelas khas'.Every primary school in Malaysia have to make sure that their students can fulfill 3M (Membaca,menulis,mengira-reading,writing,counting) by standard 3 (9 years old).Teachers who detect their students cannot read or count by that time will be send to 'Kelas Pemulihan' under qualified teachers.This program is under LINUS. Teachers at 'Kelas Pemulihan' will detect weather the child can be considered as OKU or not and make referal letter for check-up with the doctor.

I had a GREAT time there and the childrens are cute & adorale(naughty at the same time..hehe). I experienced variety of disorders: DOwn syndrome,autistic,mild conductive hearing loss with with isolated speech delay,slow learner. Most of them have Attention deficit hypertensive disorder(ADHD).

{DOwn syndrome:extra genetic material at chromosome 21 causing Trisomy 21 developemntal delays and abnormalities mentally & physically, Autism:neural development disorder that impaired social interaction & communication, COnductive hearing loss: hearing loss due to defect on conducting sound to the inner ear,Isolated speech delay: speech disorder limited to language expression or production,Slow learner a.k.a Lembam(in Malay language), ADHD: either attentional problem is greater than hyperactivity or vice versa or both in a child which is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder)

During my elective posting there,I am fortunate to have opportunity to join Hari OKU Peringkat Negeri Melaka 2010 as the 'Guru Pengiring' as the class sends some children for drawing contest.I also join their Bowling therapy (held once a month) and gardening with them to upgrade their class backyard. The school also receives a visit from Thailand teachers during my 2nd week of posting.

Hari OKU Peringkat Negeri Melaka 2010

Bowling therapy

Gardening day

Visit form Thailand teachers..

The best thing of all, i was adressed as CIKGU when i was there. The kids know me as their teacher .I used to have the ambition to become a teacher until I develop more passion towards medical world. Most of my families(mom,aunt,uncles & cousins) are teachers. Therefore, this opportunity fulfill a part of me. Indeed "Giving is Rewarding"

Thank you to all the teachers and supporting staff of Kelas Khas,SKBB including 2 practical teachers in the picture and 2 male teachers not in the picture..

Everyday fills with colors of life and I learned to cope with it. Emotionally win the childs’ heart and trust is a reward for me. Receiving hug and kisses or able to make them fulfill small task is a huge success for me.


P/s: DO correct me if there is any correction one the facts of special class and special children.

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