Sunday, March 28, 2010

Health screening at SMK Teknik Sepang.


Alhmdulillah, I've passed my year 3 without problems & happilly appreciating my 2 months break. The 1st month of my break fills with a few activities spend at KL,Kelantan & Malacca.

The lastest activity done is becoming a volunteer for health screening booth set up by our UKM Medical Society (PERSIAP). We received the invitation from Science & Social Faculty of UKM for their event Hari Jantung Sedunia at that school on 27/04/2010.

The girls setting up the banner

What we did there? Basic health check up: Height,weight,body fat measurement,Blood pressure(BP) and blood type. At the end of session, everyone will be given counselling on their health check-up result.

For the first hour, I have to manage the counselling booth.I always wonder, what kind of problem they want to know? Porblems faced by these form 4 students(16 years old)
1. Most of them have low blood pressure.
2. Some are overweight or have low/normoweight but with high fat index.

Blood Pressure is tension exerted on walls of arteries(a type of blood vessel that brings blood from heart to body cells) by the strength of contraction of the the heart.

Masitah with her favourite elctronical BP set

Example of the normal reading 120/90. 120 is called the Systolic BP while 90 is the Diastolic BP. Systolic BP indicates the blood flow into your heart while Diastolic BP indicates the blood flow from heart to body.

Therefore, low blood pressure indicates low flow of blood to your body & other vital organs. It is normal to have low BP if you are atheletes & people who exercise regularly.They also have low risk for stroke,kidney disease and heart disease. Thus, low BP is acceptable as long as it is not low enough to cause symptoms(dizziness,fainting) and problems to the body(chest pain/heart attack when insufficient blood supply to heart).

Me & the adik-adik

Weight issues & high fat index can be manage with eating in a small amount 5 times per day and choose the food according to the food pyramid. Excercise is very important.For those who doesn't involve with sports, brisk walking for more than 45 minutes,3 times per week is good for health. However, for weight reduction, for effort in cutting the calories & increasing fequency of excercise should be done.

guy's booth

girl's booth

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