Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MEr..De...Ka??not really..

picture taken during exam week...distracted for a while ;P

"start a day with thinking of serving instead of being served!"


Finally,I am able to continue wiritng after restraining myself from writing my blog due to final exam..Alhamdulillah.Waiting for the result to come out next week.

From Facebook & yahoo messanger.I can see a lot of comments from my batchmates,especially posting-mates expressing their feelings toward the questions. Mostly, they are an expression of hatred, frustration and anxious. The positive thinking ones saying how relief they are from the obtacles they face.

Life is what you see and interprate the things happen to you. How you respond will determine how you will see things in live. Either positive or negative. Positive thoughts attracts the positive things to your life. You don't belive it eh?? You can read 'The Secret' by RHonda Byrne and learn to believe & think positive. You will also find out about the power of law of attraction when you started to belief.

Ash-Sharh 94:1-8
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Have We not caused thy bosom to dilate(melapangkan dadamu), (1) And eased thee of the burden (2) Which weighed down thy back; (3) And exalted thy fame? (4) But lo! with hardship goeth ease, (5) Lo! with hardship goeth ease; (6) So when thou art relieved, still toil (7) And strive to please thy Lord. (8)

GOd have send us reminders & words of comfort in the al-Quran. Look at verse 4 & 5. The verse repeats showing the strong reminder Allah wants us to be reminded.

"every negative things happen there always positive things behind it!"

Applying to our post exam emo..why not we think of the positive side of it.We should recall mistakes we done,find the answer for questions we don't know,recorrected our wrong and memorize the right answer.Therefore, if we are asked the same question, we already know the answer or easily recall the correct answer.

verse 6 means even after what happen, occupied your time with something that brings benefit.For me any good things can be choosen since the key to pleased God is amal ma'ruf nahi mungkar (do the good things, leave the bad things behind)

If you are not a muslim, i think you'll also agree about my point above..beacause humans are created of the instict of wanting good things in life and being good is apart of it.For example is the concept of 'Karma' in eastern religion (Hindu,Jain, Sikh & buddhist philosophies).Bottom line is,every religion teach us to do good deeds.

So, time occupying activites during my break wil be:
1.spring cleaning my room (mcm tongkang peacah due to exam week)-step by step :p
2.managing students society resposibilities as Exco Kebajikan 2- a lot of things to settle.
3.do elective posting at kelas khas at a primary school at Malacca-have to do background reading about special kids
4.duty as a Allah's servant,daughter to my parents & sister to my brothers.
5.have fun in vacation with family & friends.
6.Read a lot of non medical books.
7.Sports activities to get high & also secondary prevention of gaining weight..hehe

P/s:I always like the surah Ash-Sharh 94:1-8.I get the idea to put it in my blog
after reading '5 Tahun 5 bulan' written by Hlovate (finish reading in one day-just after exam yesterday..hehe).More books are asking to be read (",)

What is written down is a reminder to you and to myself who is still learning to be a better person.

Wasalam (",)


madziani said...

saya tulis panjang2, last2 ade masalah connection, huhu..

tulis ayat last je la

if i can vote this, i choose 5 stars for this post.

may Allah bless u. Nobody perfect, but someone can be better-huhu

nur_aishah said...

To Madziani:

AMin..same goes to u (",)Thanks my friend..

Post ni ditujukan khas kpd kita semua yg slalu frust lepas setiap kali exam..hehe.sayang xdpt baca komen Ani yg pnjg2 tu.takpe,ani blh tulis dlm blog ani pula pndpt pasal isu ni..