Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the last on call......


Alhamdullillah.. after a few moments of frustation, i am able to finish my 5th conduct of delivery today.It was fast, i don't have to wait for long.

What i like about my last on call today is i get to witness one of the most memorable event as a muslim twice and somehow today, i touched me. Guess what it is?? It is the Azan or Iqamah dat whispered by the father to their newborn child.(Info for non muslims:It is the first act of devotion representing the baby to world as Muslim).

Another intresting thing about the two deliveries is both are having their first child and best part is looking at the reaction of the father-to-be. I always like to see couples who are waiting for their first child. Of course they'll look worried, anxious and happy at the same time.Their inexperienced self showed some wittiness in managing the situation. In a sum, these kind of reaction gave me a sort of feeling that life is meaningful(eventhough i am not the one who experienced it).

Regardless the bad experienced..i find more enjoyment in labour room because of these meaningful experience and cute babies. People who ACCEPTs to get SCOLDED are NON-EGOISTIC people.Yeah, i get scolded.Sometimes it's my fault, sometimes its' someones fault and sometimes i get scolded with non-concrete reason. The best thing to do is reflex urself back and Improve!! Whatever it is...see u again labour room during 5th year(hopefully i don't flunk somewhere in between that needs me to repeat my year3)

Wasalam (",)

P/S: i have short case this thursday..which me all the BEST LUCK in the world.AMIN!!


mYshah said...

gudluck ye shortcase nanti~
byk2 doa. all da best.

hana said...

o&g..my next posting..can't wait to have this experience.

gudluck for ur short case..binnajah wattaufiq.

nur_aishah said...

to mY shah:

thanks abg Shah..all the best mengharungi final year (",)

nur_aishah said...

to Hana:

Ani..i'm sure u'll like O&G. cuma, it s tough, we have to work hard and jgn cepat terasa...all the best tu us dear (",)

Dr Amad said...

Tengok saje ke?bila nak jadi mummy pulak..just make sure kad sampai naa..

nur_aishah said...

To Dr Amad:
doa-doakan la yer semoga cepat saya bertemu jodoh(lepas grad)...jangan lupa gak jemput kalu ada tanda2 teringin nak jd DAddy/Abah..kalu kad lambat,SMS & email pun acceptable (",)