Sunday, August 9, 2009

On call & Delivery..


I just got back from my 3rd on call (7pm-7am). The delivery ward was cold and I was hypothermic.Better remind myself to bring sweater next time. The intake last night was little compare to my previous two on calls.The whole on-call group was quite dissapointed.

I was fortunate to be able to conduct one delivery today without have to wait more than half an hour. Yeah..we all are trying to fill up our log book. We are required to conduct 5 normal deliveries(after observed at least 3 deliveries)and watch 5 abnormal deliveries.

I only get to observed one normal delivery and one cesearian section(abnormal)during my first on call. My luck was better during my second one since I get to observed 2 normal deliveries, 1 twin delivery(abnormal)and did a few small procedures. My 11 hours wait for the primigravida(1st pregnancy mom)pays off as I get to do my first conduct.

The intake of patients during 2nd on call was high and patient keep on coming for labour. You can guess who are the most happy person in the ward...the father and us who are on-call of course.

11 hours wait was worth it....with baby Reneu..The 1st experience of conducting delivery.

Delivery is painful, yet it is a wonderful thing that women have to experince. I think, every mother is a winner. It is not easy to give a life born to this world. When you see the baby come out healthy to this world you will feel very happy for the family. Watching these adorable babies make you forget about your tiredness and exhaustion.

That's what I like about O&G posting which is the most heavy and 'feared' posting of 3 rd year.Students call it Orang-orang Garang posting as the lecturers are strict. is tiring,demanding and you get high expectations from the lecturers and yet it is an intresting posting since you get involved with a lot of procedures and can apply what you learn from book to the real situation. Watching cute babies in between does give the some flavor to it..hehe (",)

Thats all for now.Will have a day trip to Batu Pahat for 2nd brother convocation..



Al-Tuah Al-Shahab said...

cant wait for koas,
i love OnG,
it's mean women n baby to me,

liacharlotte said...

wah bestnyer.....hehehe
btw, congrats to ur abg.

nur_aishah said...

To Al-Tuah Al SHahab:

wkmslm...hehe.KOAS atau clinical year memang best tp kena usaha lbh la coz expectation Dr tinggin..jd kena sentiasa rajin la baca balik..sbb byk nak kena ingat.

BDW..selamat berpindah.Tengok blog dpt tau semua kena keluar Bale lbh awal dr tarikh sepatutnya.

Semoga korg tabah teruskan perjuangan di UNPAD..(",)

nur_aishah said...

TO liacharlotte:

Thanks (",)