Saturday, September 10, 2011

Raya & my holiday project in the kitchen (>,<)

Happy Eid to muslim bloggers!!

FInally,After 4weeks of hectic life as medical student at Medical department, i get to be a mad scientist in the lab...(meaning the chef in the kitchen) was fun to try out the recipes and experiment on your own cook food.

This year i learned how to make 'ketupat daun palas'. I was suprised that they sell daun palas at Malacca. My mum told me the leave is also used by Malacca people to make desert (kueh)..We made it,Since this food rarely found in Malacca (origin from Kelantan-terengganu).

It takes me quite some time to master this triangle shape casing.

Another food i miss but hard to get in KL is Kerabu Mangga !! The kerabu mangga i found in KL does not have fish in it.Time to make one at home..yippeee

This year is the 3rd eid celebration at my new house in Malacca. This year decided to host a small feast (open house) for our neighbours and extended family around KL, Malacca & Muar. We also celebrate my 1st nephew 1 year old birthday. It was fun. Since our lawn is quite spacious the childrens love to play football and fireworks there.

Birthday boy with his cousin in his Bumblebee (A gift from Mama Tok)

Other projects are some biscuits and my very own bread pudding. Love the oven so much. I wish i can have one at college..with a set of my own kitchen..

Last but not least, I still get 'duit raya'..haha..Even 2 of my cousin (same age as me) who just started working,also gave me their very own duit raya..Oh, i just love being a student. This will be the last year.The privilage will expired & i have to started giving next year (>,<) Insyallah..Misi Jubah Merah 2012!!

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