Monday, February 28, 2011

Good things keeps on coming...


AsSalam (peace be upon you).

Sorry, for a long holiday from blogging.

Updates about me:
1. end my year 4 with psychiatry department. It was very intresting and colourful. i like my supervisor a lot.

2. I PASS my final exam...alhamdulillah...that means 2 months holiday.

3. My futsal team get to win GOLD...yeayeahh :) more about it in the next post...EXCITED ('',)

4. I'm going to UK and Amsterdam....with my cousins :) Finallly my dream comes true

5. My 2nd bro is getting married in cousin is getting married in July...THREE of my Twinning UKM-UNPAD family members are getting married this year(1 of them already married)

6. I'm officially an aunt last year when my nephew was born in september. Now, more babies keeps on coming from my cousins...yeay!! can't get enough with those cute babies

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