Friday, December 25, 2009

Internal Medicene....Wait & See


CUT & SEE : Surgery
WAIT & SEE : Internal Medicene

SImple & short words to describe 3 postings I faced quoted from Prof. Zainul, HUKM O&G specialist during Zero repeaters campaign talk..

You can read that the actions that's appear in each discipline is SEE!!

Seeing is believing..How could a doctor treat appopritely wihtout meeting the patient? (except for Dr House!!)

There are 6 wards of internal medicene in HUKM with 2 CCU. That means A LOT of opportunities to learn..My advice is get a comfortable shoes cause your feet are precious for this posting for a lot of walking and standing.

A lot of procedure can be appreciated in the ward, so you have to be opportunistic organism. Put away your inferiority and shyness..Ask Medical officers, housemen and nurses questions and permission to observe or do the procedures. Final year seniors can be helpful also.

Having Internal Medicene as my last posting of the year gives me some advantage. In this posting a lot of things to be covered. Some knowledge gathered during previous posting does help in facing this posting.

Hopefully i will survive (",)



Dr Amad said...

Nak jadi yang mana satu? lama tak bertandang ke teratak sy =)

dr.radzi said...

cut n see,
deliver n see,
wait n see.

'like' this! hehe...

nur_aishah said...

Dr Amad:
Amad..dh masuk clinical ni masa nak bertandang pun dh berkurang.x sekerap dulu la..huhu.Nak post entry baru pun kena cari mood.

Insyaallh akan bertandang ke teratak anda bila anda antara blog yg wajib di ziarah

Antara 3 posting tu tak blh nak pilih year bru blh decide kut..(",)

All da best in studies,life & afterlife

nur_aishah said...


those words does reflects the postings described..

wait till you enter clinical and undergo these postings..u'll experience it